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I have been searching the internet high and low looking for an article that gave me helpful information about body building. While I expected to find articles on how to look great and lose weight, rather what I found was incredible. People are using supplements to create an amazing physique, like that of Ronnie Colemen. While there is no miracle drug, inositol provides real assistance to the body to burn and it is something that is found in foods we eat every day. This research will change the way people view bodybuilding and the avenues it takes to achieve the ultimate goal. This article is a must read for all bodybuilders.

Combat Impotence With Yohimbe

Erectile Dysfunction is a very sensitive subject. Men plagued with it are likely to experience lack of self-esteem. Medications prescribed to counter erectile dysfunction are more likely to be ineffective and expensive. Finding a naturally occurring cure would be the best answer to impotence. Luckily that is exactly what Yohimbe is, a natural substance found in a tree called Pausinystalia Yohimbe. When taken in moderation, an all-natural remedy is more likely to present fewer risks as opposed to expensive medications.

People have used this product in the past and have enjoyed its advantages. Yohimbine is the all-natural active chemical present in a yohimbe tree. The actual contents of the indole alkaloid, can improve your ability to get healthy and maintain an erection. This substance is specifically found in the bark of the tree. The same substance is also known to deal with related types of sexual problems and its symptoms.

Yohimbe Bark is available for purchase in its natural form as a bark or as yohimbine hydrochloride, which is the standard form that is distributed in pill form. Medications that are prescription and nonprescription are known to contain this ingredient. This substance has also been used to treat sexual side effects known to accompany many anti-depressants medications.

Another thing that the bark of the yohimbine tree can do for you is to act as an agent of the blood pressure rises. This means that your cardiovascular health can be improved, which means that you will get more blood flow to the penis and thus better erections and more frequent.

Natural methods are more often preferred to synthetic substances. They offer a remedy, which can be obtained by using things that are part of nature, not something that is produced in a laboratory which is only a recent discovery and has not been in use as long as yohimbe has.

Caution on Using Yohimbine

A lot of sexual enhancing pills are turning up almost everywhere especially throughout the internet, it is not surprising that certain adverse effects brought by the use of these drugs also start appearing. A key ingredient still used in some of these supplements is called Yohimbe.

Yohimbe is a tree growing mainly in West Africa. For centuries, ancient african locals have been using the bark to increase libido and to gain enhanced sexual performance. It has also been smoked for its hallucinogenic effects. Its main use is for the improvement of sexual desire among men. It is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to prevent heart attacks by preventing plaque build-up in artery walls. Yohimbe is an alkaloid derivative derived from trees in the Rubiaceae family. Yohimbine is also the only drug listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference with enough evidence that shows that it is indeed a sexual stimulant and libido booster.

This substance is actually clinically proven to increase sperm production in canines, and the reverse of sexual problems among rats. However, there are a number of dangerous side effects of yohimbe, which you should be worried of.

An important side effect associated with using this herb is the onset of anxiety attacks. Although not fully understood, it is believed that it works as a stimulant. A few men taking this drug have yielded negative results regarding its effectiveness. Another significant result of taking yohimbine is hypertension and tachycardia. Because this product is a stimulant similar to caffeine the body reacts the same way it does to taking coffee, but the effects takes a much longer time to fade. As a result, men have often had other problems, such as dizziness, headaches, panic attacks and insomnia. As with any over the counter supplement, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking yohimbe, especially if you have heart disease drugs. Although the use of this herb is still legal, the FDA has studied these problems, and may at some future time reverse this ruling.

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Yohimbe, Possibly Man’s Best Friend

Erectile dysfunction or simply Impotence is no laughing matter, ok maybe a little. But seriously this is not only a matter of having poor performance (or sometimes none at all), but is also a burden upon those who want to be blessed with a child.

Impotence is not simply the inability to attain erection. This is caused by a variety of reasons both physical and psychological. Impotence may be due to poor blood pressure which causes insufficient blood flow to the male organ. It may also be due to a hormone imbalance problem. To counter impotence, one must have good harmony of both body and mind, both must work in synchrony. Merely having desire is not enough if the body is not willing. The same is true if one only has physical competence but none of the passion needed.

Yohimbe, a natural herbal supplement, has been used for hundreds of years as a traditional African medicine. It is known for being both an aphrodisiac and a cure to many skin afflictions. It is commonly consumed in tea form and is thought to be a remedy for fever, leprosy, hypertension, and common heart conditions.

Yohimbe has the needed substances to ensure full body and mind harmony therefore attaining balance. What Yohimbe does is it blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors while stimulating the other receptors this results in the improvement of the blood flow to the male organ which means a longer lasting erection. It is also know to produce increased sensitivity of the penis which makes intercourse a more stimulating experience.

It is best used as a tincture to treat certain types of erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe does not increase the levels of testosterone, this way it does not bring certain conditions associated with high levels of testosterone like increased prostate, baldness, excessive body hair, and aggression. Yohimbe is commonly prescribed by doctors to treat impotence that is caused by the clogging of arteries or suffering from diabetes.

With all these, don’t get all too excited. One must have proper doctor consultation and have them prescribe you the right amount to use and the proper method to take yohimbe. Like other drug, yohimbe is not without side effects especially to those who have special medical conditions.

Yohimbe Weight Loss Effects

Yohimbine comes from Pausinystalia yohimbe and Corynanthe yohimbe which are two trees that are native to africa. yohimbine alters the way the body functions, in this sense it is a little different from most health supplements. It is also considered an aphrodisiac. Yohimbe bark has been the treatment for impotence before the advent of Viagra. According to one study, yohimbine taken orally may result in significant fat loss. A number of bodybuilding supplement companies sell different formulations of yohimbine specifically for the reduction fat adipose tissues.

  • Yohimbine’s effects on fat metabolism.

Yohimbines ability to block alpha receptors results in an increased lipolysis which may result in increased levels of norepinephrine in the bloodstream. Norepinephrine acts as fat burner as it directly stimulates the hormone sensitive lipase. This hormone sensitive lipase produces a rapid break down of fatty acids. The few studies directed to yohimbines weight loss effect unfortunately only provide very little proof of its correlation to weight loss. Weight loss after all is a product of several factors; this includes genes, hormonal factors, level of activity and diet.

  • Yohimbine on bodybuilders

While yohimbine does show effectiveness as a weight loss agent, abusing this substance may cause some undesired side effects like rapid heart rate, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, general discomfort, hallucinations, mild tremors, dizziness and skin flushing, now that’s a lot of side effects. Combining yohimbine with other other medications is also an area of concern because there are very few studies that delve on the subject.

Adipose Tissues

  • Considerations on using Yohimbine

You must start with only a few doses of yohimbine then gradually increase this is to allow the body to build tolerance for the many side effects of yohimbine usage. The standard prescribed daily dose is 16.2 mg of yohimbine, doses around 40 mg is considered a large dose. Also, for safety you must consider getting prescription before buying, although one can also buy it over-the-counter. Another issue is the quality of some yohimbine products; some brands may not contain pure quantities of yohimbine. This is because yohimbine is considered as a food supplement and therefore is not regulated.

Ulus Terrestris

Ulus Terrestris is a well-known product. It has been used for centuries in ancient India, Africa, and Greece. It is known to support fertility as well as rejuvenate the body. Research has shown that Ulus Terrestris helps support healthy hormone production as well as male reproductive hormones. The question that so many people ask is, what are the side effects of Ulus Terrestris?
Even though Ulus Terrestris is well known, that does not make it safe to consume. This product has not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration, so this product has not been scrutinized the way other medications that you take have been. This means the possibilities of unknown side effects are high. Some side effects include increased testosterone, liver problems, and restlessness.
1. Increased Testosterone- can cause numerous health issues in men. If not taken care of, this devastating disorder can cause distress in your life.
2. Liver Problems- have occurred in some users of Ulus Terrestris. This can be a big health concern. The liver is responsible for regulating fats, sugars, and cholesterol. The liver also manufactures some kinds of hormones, proteins, and immune factors. The liver plays an extremely important role in detoxifying the body as well as filtering poisons. If the liver is damaged, then the body can build up toxins and you can become very sick.
3. Restlessness- is prone to cause psychological, physiological, and emotional problems. People cannot function without rest. The body literally shuts down and the brain starts to lose oxygen, sometimes causing manic episodes and disorders known as bi-polar episodes.
Ulus Terrestris can have both positive and negative side effects. If you have negative side effects while taking this medication, immediately stop and consult your doctor.

yohimbine hcl

Yohimbine hcl is a popular supplement that is used for everything from its sexual benefits to its help in getting rid of stubborn fat. Yohimbine hcl is used both in prescription drugs and over the counter supplements to treat sexual dysfunction. The fact that yohimbine hcl can be bought without a prescription makes it an attractive option for those looking for help with sexual dysfunction. Some people don’t like going to the doctor and discussing these issues and will never get a prescription to help resolve their sexual issues. Being able to go online and buy yohimbine hcl without a prescription really helps in situations like this.

The fat loss associated with yohimbine hcl is fat loss of the most difficult nature. It is the last bit of fat that most try to lose. The fat that the body tries to hold on to. Yohimbine helps deal with alpha 2 receptors. This helps these receptors burn fat that they otherwise would try to hold on to. This can help males get rid of stubborn chest and abdominal fat. These areas are known trouble areas for males. This can also help women get rid of fat around their legs.

Yohimbine hcl is a natural cure for some cases of erectile dysfunction. It is natural, safe and very effective. In scientific studies, 78 percent of men showed great improvement with their erectile dysfunction when they were treated with yohimbine hcl. That is practically 8 out of 10 men that show positive results when treated with this natural remedy.

Yohimbine hcl is clearly a great supplement choice if you are looking for enhanced sexual benefits and help with stubborn fat loss.

Yohimbe Bark: The Natural Aphrodisiac

Yohimbe bark comes from an evergreen tree that grows in western Africa known as Pausinystalia yohimbe. Yohimbe bark is known to contain the Yohimbine alkaloid, a natural stimulant that increases blood flow. It can be used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women and has been successfully applied in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, low blood pressure and can stimulate fat loss.

Yohimbe aphrodisiacYohimbine has been approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction. During a German study in which subjects were given either Yohimbine or a placebo, the participants that took Yohimbine reported significant improvement in the quality, frequency and satisfaction of sexual intercourse. Yohimbe bark is also a good option for those looking to improve muscular performance and endurance. Taking the supplement before an exercise session increases blood flow to muscles, which helps maximize the rate at which muscle definition develops.

The supplement can be acquired by prescription or over the counter. It is administered orally in pill or powder form or transdermally. Because Yohimbe bark is a natural herbal supplement, permanent improvements occur gradually over a short period of time. However, because Yohimbe is so effective, it is not necessary to take the herb daily and it can be consumed only when needed. Some adverse effects related to the overuse of Yohimbine are anxiety, rapid heart rate and insomnia so it is important to regulate Yohimbine use.

What is Yohimbe?

Yohimbe is an herbal supplement that is extracted from the bark of a West African evergreen tree. For hundreds of years this bark was used in Africa, primarily as an aphrodisiac. Today, Yohimbe can be found over the counter or by a prescription and is used as a remedy for several things.

yohimbe barkTypically, the main reason Yohimbe is taken is to treat erectile dysfunction. It is often referred to as the “natural Viagra”. Yohimbe is shown to relax and dilate blood vessels thus increasing blood flow. This increase in blood flow helps to achieve and maintain an erection. Also, it is believed to stimulate the area of the brain that is responsible for sexual desire. Because of this, Yohimbe has also been used to treat sexual side effects caused by some antidepressants.

Another reason Yohimbe is taken is for weight loss. It has become popular with bodybuilders, as well as others, looking to boost their metabolism. It is believed Yohimbe increases norepinephrine in the bloodstream which effects fat utilization in the body. The increase in norepinephrine helps break down triglycerides and fatty acids. The release of free fatty acids in the bloodstream indicates stored fat is being burned, resulting in weight loss.

Other possible effects of Yohimbe are treatment of dry mouth and lowering of blood pressure. However, more research is needed in these areas.

Yohimbe Effects To Your Health

Yohimbe effects to one’s health are various. Such supplement is sold OTC at all-natural health and nutrition shops. Often it’s sold in capsule, tablet or tea form. It comes from the bark of an evergreen tree with the same name, which is native to countries in west Africa. Below are its contributions to your body:

Traditional Uses

Traditionally, it’s been used in Africa for various medicinal applications. It’s applicable for relieving cough, fever and even leprosy. It has an analgesic as well as aphrodisiac benefits too. These are all possible because of yohimbine, a potent substance found in the bark of the tree.

Yohime and Depression

It’s also helpful in getting rid of the symptoms of depression. It works as it’s capable of diminishing the production of MAO, or monoamine oxidase. This enzyme causes the breakdown of certain neurotransmitters, causing imbalance of the chemicals in the brain. Likewise, it’s beneficial for individuals with anxiety.

Yohimbe and Weight Loss

This supplement is often used as a weight loss aid. It promotes the breakdown of fat molecules, or a process known as lipolysis, as well as prevents their formation. There’s also an appetite suppressing effect. The overweight individual also enjoys more energy, so he or she can become more physically active and attain faster metabolism.

Yohimbe as an Aphrodisiac

As mentioned before, it’s been used in African countries as an aphrodisiac. Males afflicted with erectile dysfunction can take advantage of this. It helps in widening the blood vessels by relaxing them. This, in turn, makes blood flow more effective, including in the pelvic and genital regions.

Potential Yohimbe Side Effects

While there are many positive yohimbe effects to enjoy, there are also certain dangers involved with its use. This is particularly true when consumed in large doses. Some problems include headaches, dizziness, nervousness, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and palpitations. If you have a medical condition, you should consult a specialist first before taking this supplement.