Yohimbe Effects To Your Health

Yohimbe effects to one’s health are various. Such supplement is sold OTC at all-natural health and nutrition shops. Often it’s sold in capsule, tablet or tea form. It comes from the bark of an evergreen tree with the same name, which is native to countries in west Africa. Below are its contributions to your body:

Traditional Uses

Traditionally, it’s been used in Africa for various medicinal applications. It’s applicable for relieving cough, fever and even leprosy. It has an analgesic as well as aphrodisiac benefits too. These are all possible because of yohimbine, a potent substance found in the bark of the tree.

Yohime and Depression

It’s also helpful in getting rid of the symptoms of depression. It works as it’s capable of diminishing the production of MAO, or monoamine oxidase. This enzyme causes the breakdown of certain neurotransmitters, causing imbalance of the chemicals in the brain. Likewise, it’s beneficial for individuals with anxiety.

Yohimbe and Weight Loss

This supplement is often used as a weight loss aid. It promotes the breakdown of fat molecules, or a process known as lipolysis, as well as prevents their formation. There’s also an appetite suppressing effect. The overweight individual also enjoys more energy, so he or she can become more physically active and attain faster metabolism.

Yohimbe as an Aphrodisiac

As mentioned before, it’s been used in African countries as an aphrodisiac. Males afflicted with erectile dysfunction can take advantage of this. It helps in widening the blood vessels by relaxing them. This, in turn, makes blood flow more effective, including in the pelvic and genital regions.

Potential Yohimbe Side Effects

While there are many positive yohimbe effects to enjoy, there are also certain dangers involved with its use. This is particularly true when consumed in large doses. Some problems include headaches, dizziness, nervousness, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and palpitations. If you have a medical condition, you should consult a specialist first before taking this supplement.

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