Yohimbe, Possibly Man’s Best Friend

Erectile dysfunction or simply Impotence is no laughing matter, ok maybe a little. But seriously this is not only a matter of having poor performance (or sometimes none at all), but is also a burden upon those who want to be blessed with a child.

Impotence is not simply the inability to attain erection. This is caused by a variety of reasons both physical and psychological. Impotence may be due to poor blood pressure which causes insufficient blood flow to the male organ. It may also be due to a hormone imbalance problem. To counter impotence, one must have good harmony of both body and mind, both must work in synchrony. Merely having desire is not enough if the body is not willing. The same is true if one only has physical competence but none of the passion needed.

Yohimbe, a natural herbal supplement, has been used for hundreds of years as a traditional African medicine. It is known for being both an aphrodisiac and a cure to many skin afflictions. It is commonly consumed in tea form and is thought to be a remedy for fever, leprosy, hypertension, and common heart conditions.

Yohimbe has the needed substances to ensure full body and mind harmony therefore attaining balance. What Yohimbe does is it blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors while stimulating the other receptors this results in the improvement of the blood flow to the male organ which means a longer lasting erection. It is also know to produce increased sensitivity of the penis which makes intercourse a more stimulating experience.

It is best used as a tincture to treat certain types of erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe does not increase the levels of testosterone, this way it does not bring certain conditions associated with high levels of testosterone like increased prostate, baldness, excessive body hair, and aggression. Yohimbe is commonly prescribed by doctors to treat impotence that is caused by the clogging of arteries or suffering from diabetes.

With all these, don’t get all too excited. One must have proper doctor consultation and have them prescribe you the right amount to use and the proper method to take yohimbe. Like other drug, yohimbe is not without side effects especially to those who have special medical conditions.

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