Yohimbe Weight Loss Effects

Yohimbine comes from Pausinystalia yohimbe and Corynanthe yohimbe which are two trees that are native to africa. yohimbine alters the way the body functions, in this sense it is a little different from most health supplements. It is also considered an aphrodisiac. Yohimbe bark has been the treatment for impotence before the advent of Viagra. According to one study, yohimbine taken orally may result in significant fat loss. A number of bodybuilding supplement companies sell different formulations of yohimbine specifically for the reduction fat adipose tissues.

  • Yohimbine’s effects on fat metabolism.

Yohimbines ability to block alpha receptors results in an increased lipolysis which may result in increased levels of norepinephrine in the bloodstream. Norepinephrine acts as fat burner as it directly stimulates the hormone sensitive lipase. This hormone sensitive lipase produces a rapid break down of fatty acids. The few studies directed to yohimbines weight loss effect unfortunately only provide very little proof of its correlation to weight loss. Weight loss after all is a product of several factors; this includes genes, hormonal factors, level of activity and diet.

  • Yohimbine on bodybuilders

While yohimbine does show effectiveness as a weight loss agent, abusing this substance may cause some undesired side effects like rapid heart rate, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, general discomfort, hallucinations, mild tremors, dizziness and skin flushing, now that’s a lot of side effects. Combining yohimbine with other other medications is also an area of concern because there are very few studies that delve on the subject.

Adipose Tissues

  • Considerations on using Yohimbine

You must start with only a few doses of yohimbine then gradually increase this is to allow the body to build tolerance for the many side effects of yohimbine usage. The standard prescribed daily dose is 16.2 mg of yohimbine, doses around 40 mg is considered a large dose. Also, for safety you must consider getting prescription before buying, although one can also buy it over-the-counter. Another issue is the quality of some yohimbine products; some brands may not contain pure quantities of yohimbine. This is because yohimbine is considered as a food supplement and therefore is not regulated.

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